Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

When rekeying a house, what parts of the lock does my locksmith replace?

We replace the pins in most locks. However, some locks use a slide configuration that can be reconfigured without taking the lock apart.
See also:  Change home locks

I want to rekey a house that lease out, can you do it today?

We can usually get to your investment property locksmith project the same day you call as long as you get your order in by 1PM. See also: Changing locks on new home

How to rekey a house?

A locksmith rekey is performed when we send of our professional locksmiths to your home to exchange the pins inside of your locks for new different sized pins than the ones you currently have. We reconfigure the inner workings of your locks so that existing keys no longer operate them then provide you with all new keys that will smoothly operate your locks. See also :Locksmith rekey house

My realtor advised me to get a house rekey as soon as I move in. Why?

You simply do not know who has a key to your home after all the traffic that came through for showings etc. On top of this, REO and short sales, the owners may not have left willingly. See also: Change locks on new home

I had a locksmith change locks on my house just a short time ago. Can they be rekeyed over and over again?

Yes. Your locks are designed to be reconfigured many multiples of times. See also: cost to rekey house.

Is changing house locks expensive?

It can be depending on how you go about doing it. If you just need the locks to work on different keys we recommend the “Rapid ReKey Special
Offer” See also: Locksmith change locks cost

Does changing the locks on a house take very long?

We can rekey six keyholes in 45 minutes to an hour. See also: Locksmith cost to change locks

When I call a locksmith to change locks on my property, how do I know if he is licensed?

Ask for his license number. It will begin with a “B” and have 5 digits afterward. You can also check on the texas Department of Public Safety website to verify. See also: Changing house locks cost

Is changing door locks more expensive than rekeying?

Yes. When we rekey, we only reconfigure the pins in the existing hardware rendering your current key useless and new keys operational. See also: Cost to rekey locks on house

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