Acura CL Series 2003-2007 Yes No ILCO HD-106PT Door: 1-7 5001-8442 Most Locks
Strattec 692246 Ignition: 1-8 Inside Trunk Release
JMA TP05HOND-21P Deck: 1-7
Service Key HD 103 Compartment: 1-7

The following is an alphabetical list of automobiles made by Acura. The make, model and year are listed along with the type of key required for each one. Some model years may overlap and a manufacturer may use both systems in the same year. In cases where they overlap, we suggest you call the dealer or local automotive locksmith with your VIN number to find out which system your particular vehicle uses.

Model                                                     Year                                                               Key


CL 1995-1998 Standard Key
CL 1998-2003 Transponder Key
ILX 2013-2015 High security/Transponder
ILX 2016 High Security
Integra 1984-1999 Standard Key
Integra 2000-2001 Transponder Key
Legend 1986-1996 Standard Key
MDX 2001-2006 Transponder Key
MDX 2007-2013 High Security/Transponder
MDX 2014-2016 High Security
NSX 1991-1996 Standard Key
NSX 1997-2005* Transponder Key
RDX 2007-2015 High Security/Transponder
RDX 2016 High Security
RL 1996-2010 Transponder Key
RLX 2014-2015 High Security/Transponder
RLX 2016 High Security
RSX 2002-2006 Transponder Key
TL 1995-1998 Standard Key
TL 1999-2006 Transponder Key
TL 2007-2014 High Security/Transponder
TLX 2015-2016 High security
TSX 2004-2007 Transponder Key
TSX 2008-2014 High Security/Transponder
Vigor 1992-1994 Standard Key
ZDX 2010-2013 High Security/Transponder


*Note: If there is a star next to the year of a vehicle that you must have both the red learning key and the matching master key, otherwise immobilizer unit including master key and red learning key must be replaced and reprogrammed.


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