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4 security mistakes that can leave a landlord liable

January 11, 2017

Texas Property Code establishes certain responsibilities for any landlord – a failure to provide adequate security as directed by the code can make YOU liable for break-in’s and burglaries, so it’s crucial that you know the key mistakes to avoid.

Failure To Rekey

Every tenant change requires a rekeying of any door providing access to the interior from the exterior, including doors between garages and living areas. Certain sliding doors and screen or storm doors may be excluded.  Additionally, the tenant can request a rekeying whenever they feel like it, so long as they’re willing to pay for the process, at which point you’re required to comply within a week.

Absence Of Required Security Devices

There are certain security devices any Texas residential property must have installed to avoid a code violation, even in the absence of a tenant request. If a break-in occurs while a property you own lacks any of the mandatory security devices, you’re almost certainly going to be held liable in the absence of unusual extenuating circumstances. The specific rules vary with dwelling type and existing security features, so it can be a bit difficult to sort through – make sure you go through a checklist or flowchart or speak with someone experienced with Texas security requirements to be safe.  A licensed Houston locksmith will know how to keep your property in compliance.

Slow Compliance For Requested Devices

Certain security devices aren’t 100% mandatory for all residences but can be requested by a Texas tenant under certain circumstances. For example, a tenant can request a keyed deadbolt on any exterior door that lacks a combination of a deadbolt and keyed doorknob lock, or a pin lock or door bar for exterior sliding-glass doors. The tenant pays for these installations, but it’s your responsibility to install them within a week.

Not Repairing or Replacing Damaged or Disabled Locks

If one of the mandatory or requested security features of your property fails during a tenant’s stay, you’re responsible for getting it back in working order within a reasonable time frame. Of course, if the tenant damaged the lock through malice or negligence and/or your lease contract has certain stipulations, the costs may be the tenant’s to bear – but you’ll still need to handle the repair in a timely manner. If you’d like to learn more about Texas Property Code and its stipulations for security measures, you can contact us at ReKey Xpress Locksmith at any time to ask questions or arrange for locksmith services. We’ll be glad to help you sort out your obligations and keep your tenants safe.

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