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Find a licensed locksmith company in Texas by Cypress, Tx locksmith

January 7, 2017

Locksmith Fraud

Homeowners and business people need to understand that locksmith scams are a real problem nationwide. Texas is not immune to the illegal activity and fraud perpetuated by individuals posing as legitimate locksmiths. One if the most prevalent problems in our industry occurs when a victim places a call to someone who is supposed to be local, however, the only local attribute concerning the service provider contacted is the phone number itself. This phone call in actuality will reach a dispatch center somewhere out of state. Before the victim can gain an understanding of what is occurring an unqualified individual with a drill, no experience, customer service skills or state issued pocket card (example graphic above) arrives to gain access to the customers property. Often the result is damage that is not repaired due to prying, drilling or hammering. To add insult to injury, most of these subjects will charge a price that was not previously agreed upon then pressure the customer to pay it. A good locksmith can get you back into your house without leaving a scratch. If drilling is required, that reputable locksmith will make the necessary repairs at a reasonable charge quoted up front before any work begins.

Make sure the company/individual is legal to do business in Texas

Anyone doing Private Security work in Texas has to be licensed with the Texas Department of Public Safety. You can be fined for doing business with unlicensed Private Security companies and individuals so make sure you are hiring a licensed locksmith. Check online to verify the company and its employees are licensed and in good standing. Ask the individual servicing your locks for their “pocket card”. If they don’t have it, most likely they are not able to pass the FBI background check in order to be issued one. This happens every day. Next, check with local trade associations. Companies that are involved with trade associations are better educated and familiar with state and local codes.

Texas Private Security Bureau

All private security service providers in Texas are regulated by the Department of Public Safety under the Private Security Bureau.  Look up your service provider at this link will tell you if the company or individual is a legitimate service provider in our state.

Rekey Xpress locksmith in Cypress, Tx Lic#B18820 is licensed to do work in the state of Texas.  We can perform the following services for you.

  • Change or upgrade your door locks
  • Cheap locksmith near me
  • Key Cutting
  • Expert Lock Picking
  • Locked out car service
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Window locks repair
  • Professional lock picking for your car
  • Locksmith near me for cars
  • Unlock trunk
  • Lock out situations
  • Open locked car door
  • Rekeying services
  • Unlock door


It is important to hire a reputable and licensed locksmith company when you are faced with a lock and key emergency. If you would like to know locksmith license Texas, locksmith license states, how to get a locksmith license in Texas, Texas locksmith license, certified locksmith training or locksmith certification online please contact us. ReKey Xpress locksmith is professional and upfront about our capabilities, timing, and costs. If you are looking for a free locksmith, we can’t help you. However, you can call us at any time for a free,  upfront price quote.  All of our locksmith services, including emergency locksmith services, USPS mailbox lock rekey, automotive locksmith work and commercial locksmith services are performed by a licensed locksmith. In addition, the work is guaranteed. When it comes to our customer’s safety and satisfaction, ReKey Xpress locksmith in Montgomery County Tx is highly rated and recommended.  ReKey Xpress locksmith, your job on time, fair priced and guaranteed!  Find us under: car keys, truck keys, emergency locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith near me, cheap locksmith in conroe tx, locksmith 77318, Willis locksmith service, auto locksmith the woodlands, locksmith 77302, tomball locksmith reviews, locked keys in car magnolia, locksmith 77354, pro locksmith spring, Tx, car locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith 77373, cheap car locksmith 77355, locksmith services magnolia tx, locksmith 77304, commercial locksmith conroe tx, best locksmith the woodlands, lock willis, mobile locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith in magnolia texas, locksmith 77385, rekey conroe, cheap locksmith tomball, locksmith 77377, mobile locksmith magnolia.

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