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Montgomery, Tx locksmith says that this is the most overlooked anti-intrusion component in your home

January 7, 2017

Pictured above is a “Jamb Enforcer”. I will often have customers tell me when a crook really wants to get in you cannot stop him.  How true this is but think a moment.  Out of all of the homes in your area which are more likely to be targeted for invasion or burglary?  I think that we can all agree that a property with minimal security features would be a preferable target for criminals looking to gain entry.  Making the potential intruder work at gaining entry increases the chance that they will move on to an easier prospect.

This past year I found myself in at least three homes after break-in robberies. All three of these properties had one of the doors either kicked in or pried open with a crowbar type device.

Today I would like to give some helpful information concerning how to foil this type of break in and it will center around the strike plate component of your lock system.

The traditional strike plate is used with your door latch. Latches are a component of the door knob or lever used for opening the door for use during entrance or exit.  The latch holds the door closed even though the door may be unlocked. The latch always protrudes, or sticks out on the edge of the door 1/2″ inch to 3/4″. When the door is closed the latch must be retracted by turning a knob, pushing down a lever or some other means by which the door is opened.

When the door is open it can be closed and latched without touching the knob or lever. This is because the latch is spring loaded. When the door is closed, the latch strikes a curved piece of metal (called the Lip). The purpose of the Lip is to push the spring loaded latch back into the door until the door is completely closed. The latch will spring out into a hole when the door is closed and hold the door in the closed position. The Lip and the hole the latch springs into are parts of the strike plate.

The deadbolt strike plate works nothing like the latch strike plate. A better description for the deadbolt strike plate would be “dress-plate” or “reinforcement plate.” The deadbolt lock has one function, secure the door against thieves or the enemy or both. Most deadbolt locks have a 1 inch (25.4mm) bolt or bar that extends into the door frame after the door is closed. If the deadbolt lock is a quality lock mounted in a good quality door the chances are slim the door is going to break if someone tries to kick the door in. Our weak point then becomes the door frame that the deadbolt latch protrudes and is locked into.

To prevent the door from being kicked in or pried open it is imperative the deadbolt strike plate acts as an anchor point and means to reinforce the door frame.  Properly installed, a quality strike assembly will deter, even prevent the door from being kicked in unauthorized individuals.

There are many brands and types of strike assemblies available to a consumer.  Tuff Strike, Sure Strike, Jamb Jacket and Jamb Enforcer are available just to name a few.  In the vast majority of cases, all of the previously named products are leaps and bounds superior to the strike installed by the original building contractor.  Most original installers, whether they are handy-men, or carpenters omit installing very important components such as reinforcement plates, longer anchor screws and strike boxes.

A pro-active approach to the security of your home or business will include a quality strike assembly.  Call your trusted, licensed local Montgomery, Tx locksmith to discuss the best strike plate assembly option(s) for your property.  The best product can vary from entry point to entry point even on the same property. Remember that time, light and barriers are the intruder’s foe. The longer it takes a crook to break in, the greater chance you have that they will go away. Give Montgomery’s lock professionals at ReKey Xpress Locksmith a call for any of the following services: Grade 1 lock installations, Access Control Systems, Profile Cylinder Locks, Panic Bars, High Security Locks, Office Lockouts, Heavy duty locks, cabinet locks, keyless entry systems, biometric lock installs, garage locks, commercial lock & key change, Buzzer Systems, Door Closer, Locks, Digital Door Locks, Window Locks and Key Fob Systems.  We can arrive quickly for service in and around Lake Conroe and serve the following neighborhoods for residential service:   April Sound, Bentwater, Blue Heron Bay, Buffalo Springs, Cape Conroe, Clear Water Cove, Convenient Country Estates, Crown Oaks, Crown Ranch, Del Lago, Eagle Pointe, Grand Harbor, Grand Lake Estates, 77356, 77316, Hidden Forest Estates, Highland Ranch, High Meadow Estates, Hills of Montgomery, Honea Forest Estates, Hunters Point, Jackson / Cushing, Kinderwood, Lake Bonanza, Lake Conroe Forest, Lake Lorraine, Lake Mount Pleasant, Lake Mt Pleasant, Marina Dr/Diamondhead, Montgomery Trace, Ponderosa, Ridgelake Shores, Shady Oak Estates, Shannon Circle, South Shore Estates, Stone Ranch, Sunrise Ranch, Tejas Creek, Tri Lakes, Villa, Walden on Lake Conroe, Waterstone, Weeren Rd, Woodforest and Yesterday’s Crossing.

It is important to hire a reputable and licensed locksmith company when you are faced with a lock and key emergency. If you would like to know more about how to reinforce a door to prevent kick in, door frame and hinge reinforcement, how to reinforce an interior door, door jamb armor vs strikemaster, kick proof door, doors that can’t be kicked in, door reinforcement kit or reinforce door hinges. ReKey Xpress locksmith is professional and upfront about our capabilities, timing, and costs. If you are looking for a free locksmith, we can’t help you. However, you can call us at any time for a free,  upfront price quote.  All of our locksmith services, including emergency locksmith services, USPS mailbox lock rekey, automotive locksmith work and commercial locksmith services are performed by a licensed locksmith. In addition, the work is guaranteed. When it comes to our customer’s safety and satisfaction, ReKey Xpress locksmith in Montgomery County Tx is highly rated and recommended.  ReKey Xpress locksmith, your job on time, fair priced and guaranteed!  Find us under: car keys, truck keys, emergency locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith near me, cheap locksmith in conroe tx, locksmith 77318, Willis locksmith service, auto locksmith the woodlands, locksmith 77302, tomball locksmith reviews, locked keys in car magnolia, locksmith 77354, pro locksmith spring, Tx, car locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith 77373, cheap car locksmith 77355, locksmith services magnolia tx, locksmith 77304, commercial locksmith conroe tx, best locksmith the woodlands, lock willis, mobile locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith in magnolia texas, locksmith 77385, rekey conroe, cheap locksmith tomball, locksmith 77377, mobile locksmith magnolia.


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