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Locksmith in Humble, Tx shares information with home and business owners concerning bump keys

February 27, 2017

Homeowners need to know that unless they have a semi-restricted, restricted, high security keyway or combination door lock,  their house key blank can be procured very easily at any hardware store.   Criminals who know how to exploit this knowledge can let themselves into your home anytime they want.

Easy Access to Once Controlled Information

Law Enforcement and homeowners insurance providers understand that today’s criminals have access to some of the locksmith community’s best techniques because of the dissemination of information online through sites like YouTube. This information reveals how they can get into your home without letting anyone know they have even been there. Most of this information deals with the manufacture and techniques regarding bump keys. Have you ever heard of a lock bumping? Lock bumping is a technique that locksmiths have been using for the better part of a century to quickly disassemble a lock and allow them to either fix it or gain access to whatever it is that the lock was locking up. Unfortunately, bump keys are not a well kept secret anymore.

Know Your Enemy

Homeowners insurance providers, locksmiths and other security companies are now their best to educate today s homeowners on the potential dangers of bump keys. The principle is simple. In a standard pinned lock found on most homes today the lock is made up of a series of spring loaded stacks called pin stacks. When a key is slipped into the lock the pins line up along the edge, allowing the cylinder to turn and the door to open. A bump key is a standard key that has been filed in such a way to exploit this pinned stack lock design weakness. Criminals simply slip the bump key into the lock one notch short of full insertion, then bump the key with a hammer or other hard object. The impact causes the pins to jump, creating a small space (for a split second) in the shear line between the bottom pins and driver pins in which the lock can be turned without damaging it. Even a criminal with little experience (and even less common sense) can enter your home without leaving any signs of breaking and entering behind. My teenage son rode along with me while I was performing REO foreclosure work back in 2011. Within a few hours on his first day of riding with me, he opened his first property on his own using a bump key.  Here is a short video of me using a bump key to open a rental property where the Supra lock box had malfunctioned and wouldn’t open.  Keep in mind that I don’t go into minute detail of how I do this.  Furthermore, there is a very inexpensive way to keep this from happening at your property.

There are Some Easy Affordable Solutions

Homeowner can protect themselves against criminals using bump keys. First, recognize that pinned locks are more vulnerable to lock bumping. Most locks today are the pin stack design. Homeowners can have spool pins installed in their locks to prevent lock bumping. I’ll explain how spool pins prevent bumping in another article. Homeowners can also purchase semi-restricted, restricted or high security locks that are bump proof . Furthermore, the key blanks in the before mentioned locks are not available just anywhere as opposed to the key blanks you can go to WalMart and purchase for less than a dollar. Another concern to homeowners is the ready availability of bump keys to today’s criminals. Bump keys for many different types of locks are sold on the web for anywhere from $1 to $200, depending on the type of lock it s intended to open.

Get A Professionals Opinion Concerning Your Locks

Talk to a verified licensed Humble, Tx locksmith service today about protecting yourself from the danger of bump keys. Everyone in your house will sleep better when you do.

Rekey Xpress locksmith in Humble, Tx Lic#B18820 is licensed to do work in the state of Texas.  We can performe the following services for you.

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It is important to hire a reputable and licensed locksmith company when you are faced with a lock and key emergency, ReKey Xpress locksmith is professional and upfront about our capabilities, timing, and costs. If you are looking for a free locksmith, we can’t help you. However, you can call us at any time for a free,  upfront price quote.  All of our locksmith services, including emergency locksmith services, USPS mailbox lock rekey, automotive locksmith work and commercial locksmith services are performed by a licensed locksmith. In addition, the work is guaranteed. When it comes to our customer’s safety and satisfaction, ReKey Xpress locksmith in Montgomery County Tx is highly rated and recommended.  ReKey Xpress locksmith, your job on time, fair priced and guaranteed!  Find us under: car keys, truck keys, emergency locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith near me, cheap locksmith in conroe tx, locksmith 77318, Willis locksmith service, auto locksmith the woodlands, locksmith 77302, tomball locksmith reviews, locked keys in car magnolia, locksmith 77354, pro locksmith spring, Tx, car locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith 77373, cheap car locksmith 77355, locksmith services magnolia tx, locksmith 77304, commercial locksmith conroe tx, best locksmith the woodlands, lock willis, mobile locksmith montgomery tx, locksmith in magnolia texas, locksmith 77385, rekey conroe, cheap locksmith tomball, locksmith 77377, mobile locksmith magnolia.

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