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Montgomery Tx locksmith recommends a proactive approach to rental property security

March 2, 2017

Residential rental property security is an area where many property managers and landlords are woefully lax. At best, they’ll keep up with their strictly defined obligations. More often, they let violations slip past without ever realizing the potential disaster lurking. Here are just three of the benefits of a proactive approach to security.

  1. Minimize liability

The most straightforward benefit of a proactive approach to property security lies in the minimization of liability. If someone breaks into a tenant’s home and injures someone, damages property or steals something then the property owner could conceivably be held liable. This is true even if you’re already consistently upholding your specific obligations laid out by Chapter 92.158 of the Texas Property Code.

Like many aspects of liability in residential property, a standard of ‘should have known’ can be applied to security failures; that’s to say, if a judge thinks a responsible landlord should have known about a security issue that needed to be addressed, the property owner can be held liable even if they were not aware of the problem. In the face of such a standard, a proactive approach is the only reliable defense.

  1. Keeping an organized schedule

Because Texas law stipulates any number of specific security devices the landlord is obligated to install either by default or at tenant request, taking a proactive approach allows the property manager to control when such installations are made. If they are instead forced to make adjustments by tenant request, it can cause schedule conflicts, leading to distractions the manager can’t afford.

If the property owner has covered all bases in advance, they can minimize the number of reasonable requests a tenant might make—both in terms of what they’re likely to request and in terms of what they’re able to request. It’s just easier that way.

  1. Appeal to safety-oriented residents

There’s a lot of value in safety, no matter how good your neighborhood may be. There are a ton of ways a property manager stands to gain from the perception that they are actively concerned with the security of the property.

First and foremost, the owner will see fewer complaints and negativity from any of their current tenants who care about their safety; one or two fewer headaches from a tenant here and there adds up big time to as it relates to productivity.

Secondly, the owner can leverage such a reputation to secure new tenants easier. Even if they are not having trouble with vacancies, the added interest can improve their ability to choose reliable long-term tenants that will cause them a minimum of problems. It pays to be popular.

Obviously, a proactive approach just makes sense for a property owner, especially in a touchy area like security. Such an approach is beneficial across the breadth and depth of one’s responsibilities as a landlord, but it’s particularly important to sensitive subjects where liability, reputation, and efficiency intersect.

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