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Kwikset Smart Key Convenience

June 18, 2018

One of the best attributes about a Kwikset Smart Key Lock is the option for the consumer to very easily reset the key. This means that you have the opportunity to take any old unused kwikset key in the house and start utilizing it as the main key. It is also useful when you desire to render a key that is not in your possession useless in a matter of seconds all without having to change the entire lock. Either way, the feature is something very useful. ReKeying a smart key is a very easy project and is something that you can try on by yourself. Before you get into the process, you will need to have a few tools. 1. SCREW DRIVER The first thing that you will need when rekeying your lock is the appropriate screw driver. The term appropriate here means that the screw driver type matches the screw heads on the lock. The screw driver will help you take apart the lock in order to gain access to the lock cylinder to make the necessary changes. 2. THE EXISTING LOCK CYLINDER This is the most important piece in this entire project. The existing lock cylinder contains the parts that make it possible to rekey the lock. This includes the core that contains the slides. You will get the lock cylinder by using the screw driver to take apart the lock. You don’t have to take the entire lock apart. You just need to release the part with the cylinder. 3. KEYS You will need two sets of keys. The first key is the specific key that currently operates the lock. This comes in handy in the first few steps aimed at rekeying or changing the configuration of the slides. The second key is the old key (or a newly cut one) that you intend to use as the new key for your lock. 4. KWIKSET CYLINDER REMOVAL TOOL The process of rekeying these locks involves taking the cylinder apart and you will need appropriate tools to do this. The cylinder removal tool allows you to safely remove the tail piece and the rings from the cylinder and to accurately replace them once the rekey process is complete. 5. A METALLIC PICK This is used to remove the tumbler from the cylinder. The metallic pick is usually a part of a locksmith’s set of picking tools. Unless you are licensed, handling one of these could get you in a lot of trouble. You can therefore substitute it using the existing key. It will be a little more difficult but is a better option than jail. 6. RESET CRADLE Finally, you will need the resetting cradle. This is what you use to configure the slides to the specifications of the key you want to use. Bottom line The best part about these tools is the fact that they are all very easily available and easy to use. This ensures that you do it yourself resetting process runs as smoothly as possible. All you need is to ensure that you know all the steps and that you know which instrument to use in the different steps. If you have all this information, the process should be fairly simple and massively successful.

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