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When is a good time to rekey your locks?

June 15, 2018

Old worn locks are an easy target for criminals. If there is a burglary in your neighborhood take it as a warning signal and check your locks, it might be an ideal time to update and utilize an affordable smart security system that also includes anti bumping or key control technologies. You might decide to install a Tuff Strike for even more security.  Call a licensed locksmith in Conroe, TX for security recommendations. For most people, the first thing they do after a burglary is to rekey the locks and take possession of a new set of keys. Keep in mind that while you have a locksmith working on your premises, why not request expert guidance about updating your security system. Montgomery County, Tx is a prosperous area with exceptionally valuable properties. Thieves and burglers love this kind of environment. ReKey Xpress Locksmith can install high security locks if the need arises. We can also reinforce the door jambs of your residential or commercial doors. You may not have been a burglary victim. Changing your locks every now and again is essential if you want to keep your household or company secure. If you have just moved into a new home, you do not really know who now has the keys to your doorways or gates. It might be an old maid, the former gardener, perhaps a neighbor who had a spare key, could even be a friend of a friend of the previous tenants who came to remain for a few nights. Other times you may consider a rekey is post-divorce, post home remodeling, new construction areas, new roommate etc… You should not trust what you don’t know.

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