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Defiant or Gatehouse Door Knob ReKey

July 3, 2018

Probably the biggest challenge rekeying locks for DIY type consumers is disassembling the door knobs. I recently viewed a consumer post where the homeowner was having some challenges with a Defiant brand door knob. He was attempting to gain access to the lock cylinder but didn’t know exactly what to look for or how to go about the disassembly process. The following set of pictues should assist anyone in taking the lock cylinder out of this lockset.

First I would like to recommend that you insert a key or keyblank into the keyhole of the lock cylinder. This allows you to hold the lock cylinder in place when you pull the knob off of the lockset assembly. Next we should locate the detent. A detent is a mechanism that temporarily keeps one part in a certain position relative to that of another, and can be released by applying force to one of the parts. In our discussion, the detent is located here:

Once you locate the detent, you will need a small tool like an eyeglass screwdriver or something of the sort to depress the detent. The detent is protruding upward through a slot in the knob portion that encases the lock cylinder.

By sufficiently depressing this component will allow you to remove the knob from the lockset.

Once the knob has been removed from the lockset, you can easily remove the lock cylinder from the knob. The detent will likewise need to be slightly depressed once the rekey is completed and the reassembly of the lockset is performed.

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