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The FAQ on the Schlage BE365 Keypad Electronic Deadbolt

November 21, 2018

The Schlage BE365 keypad electronic deadbolt offers a convenient option for your property. With keyless entry, there will be no more worries about missing or stolen keys. Access is simple for you, and it further simplifies granting access to others. Locksmiths in Montgomery, TX know this deadbolt is a leader in the industry.

Still, consumers who are not yet familiar with this product often have questions. Following are some of the most common inquiries about the Schlage BE365 keypad electronic deadbolt.

How do you lock the deadbolt after exiting the building?

This deadbolt must be locked manually. Simply close the door, press the button labeled “Schlage” and rotate the handle. This will engage the deadbolt to lock the door.

Does this electronic deadbolt need batteries?

Yes, this product requires one 9V battery. The battery typically lasts for an extended period of time. Some consumers have reported that their battery lasted multiple years. When it needs to be changed, two screws must be removed to access the battery.

Is the keypad backlight extremely bright?

The keypad is illuminated for user convenience. It remains lit for around 10 seconds to provide light during use, but does not cast a beam that would draw attention to the lock. For those concerned about the light “announcing” that a keypad is being used, this should not be an issue.

Will this deadbolt be able to withstand harsh weather conditions?

The lock offers a limited lifetime warranty. It is also weather resistant. Consumers have reported great use in heat, cold, rain and hail.

Can I choose my own code?

Yes, the deadbolt is easily programmed to the code of your choosing. In fact, you can store up to 19 codes to use yourself or share with others. These can also be changed at any time.

Is this wi-fi compatible with my smart phone?
No, this device is not set up with any wi-fi capabilities. It cannot be controlled remotely by your smart phone.

What finishes are available for this product?
This deadbolt is available in satin nickel, aged bronze, antique brass, antique pewter and stain chrome.

Will I set off an alarm if I enter the code incorrectly?
No. This model does not have an alarm that sounds after unsuccessful attempts.

Can I use the same key for multiple electronic deadbolts?
If you would like to install more than one of these units but use the same key for all, you can take the locks to a locksmith for keying.

Does this keypad have the same footprint as my standard deadbolt?
This varies. The Schlage deadbolt might be larger or smaller than the current product used on your door. The faceplate dimensions are 1 x 2.3 inches, and the strike plate is 2.3 x 1.6 inches.

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