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Tuff Strike’s Two Post Strike Plate: FAQs

December 15, 2018

We all like to see the best in people, but the truth is that it’s a dangerous world out there, and keeping your family and belongings safe should always be a top priority. And though most of us are very good about locking our doors, many burglars are able to kick them in easily because deadbolts are usually about one inch long.

With this in mind, Tuff Strike designed an affordable but effective product to strengthen your deadbolt lock. Locksmiths in Montgomery, TX know that the Two Post Strike Plate is a necessity for every home. Find out more about this product by reading the FAQs below.

How does the Two Post Strike Plate work?

The Two Post Strike Plate offers extra protection by reinforcing the deadbolt lock within the door jamb. Its two heavy-duty 4-1/2” posts are long enough to reach all the way into the house studs, meaning it would require a lot more strength to kick the door down. The Two Post Strike Plate does not come with a separate strike box for the deadbolt. Instead, it reinforces the door surrounding the existing deadbolt.

Is it difficult to install?

Not at all! The installation should only take about 20 minutes, and the directions are easy to follow. Customers are also welcome to watch a step-by-step video on the Tuff Strike website that walks you through the entire installation process. If you’re still not comfortable installing the product yourself, just reach out to your local locksmith in Montgomery, TX.

What tools will I need to have to install the Two Post Strike Plate properly?

You will need the Strike Plate and the two extra-long screws that come with it, as well as an electric drill, a 1/2” drill bit, a 1/8” drill bit, a box cutter or scissors, a hammer, a chisel and an ice pick.

Will the Two Post Strike Plate look nice with my existing door hardware?

Yes! The Tuff Strike Two Post Strike Plate comes in four different finishes, so you can buy the finish that matches your hardware. No one will be able to tell you’ve added anything special to your door.

The Tuff Strike Two Post Strike Plate is just one product an expert locksmith in Montgomery, TX can enlighten you about. To learn more about how to keep your family and property safe, get in touch with the professionals at ReKey Xpress Locksmith. Our award-winning company has built a strong reputation by offering top-notch services at low prices and guaranteeing 100 percent satisfaction in our products and services.

ReKey Xpress Locksmith cares about all your locksmithing needs. We offer excellent preventative services like installing new lock systems at homes or businesses, but we also respond to unplanned lock emergencies, like locking your keys in the house or car. Other services include reinforcing doors and door jambs, rekeying your property, duplicating keys and installing locks. In addition, with our mobile locksmith bus, Lockzilla, we can reach you wherever you need help—and reach you quickly. Call today to find out more about our user-friendly and affordable service bundles!

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