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The Ins and Outs of Interchangeable Locks

February 15, 2019

No one appreciates the hassle of having to keep dozens of keys on a key ring. They weigh you down, and finding the right key when you need it is never easy. That’s why master keys became popular. However, if a master key is lost or stolen, you may find yourself in a difficult position that demands every single lock be replaced. When an employee leaves the company and takes a key with them, for example, then you’ll have concerns about vandalism or potential stolen property.

This is where interchangeable (IC) locks come in. An expert locksmith in Montgomery, TX can install IC locks that will make life easier for any business or residential building. Read on to learn about all the various benefits of IC locks:

  • Fast rekeying: IC locks allow for quick and easy rekeying. This convenience should not be underestimated. A control key is used to remove the old core, then a new core is installed. Even better, regular maintenance staff can perform this job in a matter of seconds. This means you can skip over calling in a locksmith, saving you time and money. This is a big part of why IC locks have become a leading choice for schools, office buildings and government facilities.
  • Backup when you need it: This process works by having a master key and then a backup master key. If the first master key is lost or stolen, then the locks are simply switched out and the backup key is used. The old master key won’t be able to access any of the units. This is especially useful for apartment buildings and office complexes. Even if it’s late at night, you can make a switch without calling in the professionals.
  • Enhanced security: The fact is that the master key will likely be compromised at some point. When a tenant moves out or an employee is fired, they’re liable to take the key with them. Being able to switch to a new master key quickly and easily will save your team time and money in the long tun. It also means you can rest easy knowing that the building is secure. While you can’t protect yourself 100 percent against break-ins, you can make it much more difficult by installing high-quality IC locks.

These are just some of the benefits you enjoy when you invest in interchangeable locks. A trained and professional locksmith in Montgomery, TX can make your home or business more safe and secure. At ReKey Xpress Locksmith, our mission is to provide you with the best service at the most competitive price. We even have a mobile locksmith bus to help you out at your location. We’re completely focused on providing outstanding customer service that you can count on.

We are proud to offer many kinds of locksmith services, like rekeying, key duplication, lock installation, lock repair, door and door jamb reinforcement and many more. All of our services are backed by a 100 percent guarantee. Give ReKey Xpress Locksmith a call today to learn more about our services and receive a free quote!

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