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What Kind of Key Do You Need for Your Vehicle?

March 10, 2019

Car keys used to be much simpler. As processes have become more automated and computerized, things became a bit more complicated and laser-cut keys became available. There are many different types of car keys now, which can make it difficult to choose which one’s right for you. At the same time, there are many more options now, so you can tailor your car key to your needs and budget.

An expert auto locksmith in Montgomery, TX will know all about this and can help you get back on the road in no time. Read on to find out which key is right for your vehicle.

Traditional cut vs. laser cut

  • Traditional mechanical-cut automotive keys: This is the most common car key type, as it is fashioned using the same key-cutting process that’s used on everything from homes to safes and regular locks. This technique was the single way to make car keys until the end of the last century, when laser key cutting gained popularity. While mechanical-cut car keys are simple to make and inexpensive, they lack the advanced security features available with laser-cut car keys.
  • Laser-cut car keys: This more advanced technique started to become favored by automobile manufacturers due to their numerous security advantages. Also referred to as internal cut or sidewinder keys, laser-cut keys come with lock cylinders that are much more difficult to pick than their traditional-cut counterparts. This is great when a thief is trying to break into your car, but it’s less convenient when you’re trying to have your automotive key copied. Nonetheless, automobile manufactures favor laser-cut keys these days due to their security features.

Specific key types

  • Vehicle anti-theft system (VATS) Keys: This is the leader in security for automotive car keys. A black resistor on the key’s blade contains one of 15 possible values to enhance security.
  • Transponder keys: These keys include a microchip in the handle to enhance security and prevent fraudulent duplication. They can be both laser-cut and mechanical-cut depending on the vehicle.
  • Smart keys: These car keys utilize computerized microchips and sensors to allow for unlocking and starting the car without a physical key. All you need to do is be close to the car with the key in your pocket for it to work. This is a convenient option that many vehicle owners love.

There’s going to come a time when you need a new set of keys. You might think you have to go to a dealer, but it’s often wiser to save time and money by heading to a high-quality auto locksmith in Montgomery, TX instead. At ReKey Xpress Locksmith, we have the single goal of providing you with the best service at the most competitive price. Our mobile locksmith comes right to your location for your convenience.

Our team of expert technicians is proud to offer many kinds of locksmith services like rekeying, key duplication, lock installation, lock repair, door and door jamb reinforcement and many more.  All of our work comes backed by a 100 percent guarantee, so if your lock malfunctions due to improper installation, we will replace it free of charge. Call us now to get a free quote!

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