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Car Remote Troubleshooting: Why Doesn’t It Work?

September 24, 2019

Keyless car entry is not a brand-new thing. Many drivers like this option for its convenience, sleek appearance and compact size. Some automakers’ key fobs come with a built-in auto-start option that allows drivers to start the engine before they actually get inside their vehicle. Another feature is being able to start the engine without having to insert a traditional key into the ignition.

But convenience doesn’t mean trouble free—any auto locksmith in Montgomery, TX can attest to that. They get calls for help with standard keys and car remotes alike on a regular basis. Being able to troubleshoot the most common car remote issues can minimize downtime and the headaches associated with not having access to your vehicle. Below are four reasons why your car’s keyless entry remote isn’t working, what to do and when to seek broken car remote repair services in Montgomery, TX.

Dead key fob batteries

If your remote stops working, it might be that the batteries in your key fob are drained. Batteries are going to run out after a while, so diagnosing this as the problem is relatively simple. You may notice that your car is not responding to any commands sent from your key fob. It could be a range issue or signal interference. Try getting closer to your vehicle and click a few buttons on the remove. If there’s still no response, it could mean the batteries are dead. The simple solution is to replace the batteries and see if that solves the problem.

Internal damage to keyless entry remote

There has to be communication between the transmitter and a receiver—and no damage to either of these components—for the key fob to work. This means something might be wrong with the internal electronics of your vehicle, or there’s receiver or transmitter damage. These components wear out or can be damaged over time, which can lead to frayed or loose wires. Another possibility is external or internal damage to the key fob after a hard drop. It’s best to contact an auto locksmith for broken car remote repair in Montgomery, TX.

Programming issues with the key

A replacement keyless entry remote is like a new traditional car key, except the replacement clicker has to be paired to your vehicle in order to work. It means that your remote—and only yours—has the signal to lock, unlock and start the engine. If you skip or forget to perform this crucial security step, then the transponder key and key fob aren’t programmed to communicate with your vehicle.

Aftermarket electronic car key

Aftermarket car key remotes are the cheaper option when you need a replacement key or spare key. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some aftermarket electronic car keys are not as great as factory clickers. They may have issues programming and pairing to your car, or are not made for your particular vehicle.

A key fob that refuses to unlock your car doors needs to be looked at by an automotive locksmith. Call the pros at Rekey Xpress Locksmith to lock down a time for broken car remote repair in Montgomery, TX!

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