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Pro Tips: Smoke Seals and Intumescent Strips Explained

October 4, 2019

Are you familiar with smoke seals and intumescent strips? As some of the best locksmiths in Montgomery, TX, we’ve found that many of our customers assume they’re the same thing or even perform the same duty. Who can blame them? It’s hardly everyday conversation material, unless you’re in our business.

Actually, smoke seals and intumescent strips are very different items, used for different purposes, but they can be combined to provide a better seal for your doors in case of fire. If you’re ever in a burning building, you’ll be grateful for the protection they provide.

Intumescent strips

Intumescent strips (sometimes referred to as “fire strips”) are designed to expand in extreme heat. They’re made of a thin material that goes around your door or window frame. When a certain temperature is reached, they expand dramatically to seal the door or window.

These strips are useful because they can slow or sometimes even stop a fire from spreading, which is accomplished by cutting off the flow of oxygen to the fire. Intumescent strips come in either 30- or 60-minute versions. In a fire, every moment is crucial, so having that extra time to escape can literally save your life. They also lessen the damage that a fire causes, which is good for anyone who doesn’t want to see their precious heirlooms or valuable business records destroyed.

Smoke seals

Smoke seals, on the other hand, are designed to create a barrier to block toxic smoke. Most deaths from fires are caused by smoke inhalation, and most property damage results from smoke rather than from flames. These barriers are applied around a door or window frame.

Unlike intumescent strips, which are only visible when they expand under heat, smoke seals are always visible. They create a barrier which is difficult for smoke to pass through. Even with an intumescent seal, you’ll have to deal with smoke, which is why it’s good to use both. Smoke seals are usually effective enough to prevent smoke damage from spreading inside of the structure.

Some companies even make combination smoke seals and intumescent strips, to save you time and money when installing your fire protection. Others offer “hygienic strips,” which are easy to clean simply by using a wet cloth. We always recommend that you use both intumescent strips and smoke seals (or a dual-action product) so that you gain precious extra minutes and lessen any fire damage in your building. It’s a safety measure whose importance cannot be understated!

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