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Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Jeep 3 Button Fobik

April 27, 2018 3:12 pm Published by Comments Off on Chrysler, Dodge, Ram or Jeep 3 Button Fobik

Do you need an extra key for your Chrysler, Dodge or Ram Truck? If you have one of the vehicles listed below with a 3 button “Fobik” and you need an extra one, our lowest price is $99.95 plus tax.  You can get the lowest prices when you set an appointment to meet us at our office. We also serve the entire Montgomery County area from our mobile key cutting shop. Call our tech Bill McCoy for the fastest and most informative response 832.953.8182. Prices start at $19.95 for basic metal key copies. It is important to hire a reputable... View Article

What is “Secure Strike”?

March 2, 2018 8:23 pm Published by Comments Off on What is “Secure Strike”?

In response to our customer requests, ReKey Xpress Locksmith has added the service of reinforcing homeowner’s existing strike hardware with heavy duty 3″ screws.  The service package known as “secure strike” is a popular add-on to our rekey services.  A perfect time to have your “secure strike” service performed is when we are already on site performing other work. Before installing “secure strike”, kicking in a front door is a no brainer forced entry technique chosen by most criminals.  With one swing of the leg, an unwelcome intruder can be in your home instantly.  Standard door hardware is woefully inadequate... View Article

What is Bump Kill?

February 23, 2018 2:21 pm Published by Comments Off on What is Bump Kill?

ReKey Xpress Locksmith has taken note of the ever-growing security risk of lock “bumping”.  Criminals utilize lock “bumping” as a covert method of bypassing your lock without evidence of entry.  We offer our customers a defense against this threat. Bump Kill! Upgrade your rekey service with proven Bump Kill technology. Without getting too detailed about how this works, when a lock is “bumped”, force and tension are applied to a “bump key” along with some rudimentary manipulation to cause the plug to rotate, thus opening the lock. Our approach to defeating the bump key method prevents the transfer of force... View Article

Take a look inside “Lockzilla”

January 8, 2018 8:37 pm Published by Comments Off on Take a look inside “Lockzilla”

Lock yourself out of your car? Lose your truck keys? You can get back into your vehicle, economically and damage free by calling “Lockzilla”, ReKey Xpress’s new service coach. Look inside to see what “Lockzilla” can provide for your service needs. Look to ReKey Xpress for Auto Remotes, Auto Remote Programming, Key Programming, Smart Key Programming and Proximity keys. We’re easy to work with, responsive, and have what you need at great prices. Call or visit our website to get information on: Auto Locksmith – Car Lockouts – Locked Keys in Car – Lost Car keys – Key does not... View Article

Look out for “Lockzilla” Coming April 2018!

November 30, 2017 6:38 pm Published by Comments Off on Look out for “Lockzilla” Coming April 2018!

Our new automotive service vehicle “Lockzilla” is being outfitted for service in the Greater Houston area.  After a couple of trial runs, we have decided to add a safety partition and a couple of creature comforts to the rig before we start providing automotive key services out of it.  Pictured here, is a shot of the interior before our key cutting equipment was added.     We would like to thank our customers for their great support over the years!  We look forward to our automotive key service venture and adding this service to better serve you. Lockzilla will be available... View Article

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