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Local Kingwood Tx locksmith compares Kwikset 660 and Schlage B60N deadbolts

March 3, 2017

Your standing in the door hardware isle at your local big box hardware store. Today’s trip is to buy a single cylinder deadbolt that you are going to install on one of your home’s exterior doors. You are looking for a good quality and secure product for a value price. If the choice comes down to comparing these two offerings from Schlage and Kwikset, bear in mind that the B60N is a grade 1 product while the Kwikset 660 discussed here is a grade 3 assembly. Grade Levels Many ANSI/BHMA standards set forth different product grades for a particular hardware... View Article

USPS Mailbox Key Replacement

March 1, 2017

MAILBOX LOCKS Many USPS customers have centrally located “cluster” mailboxes that all residents of their neighborhood, townhouse, apartment, or condominium use.  We get calls daily to replace or rekey these locks. If you’ve lost or misplaced one of your mailbox key copies and you are not concerned that someone else has your copy, you can ask the owner, manager, or superintendent of your apartment or home for a mailbox replacement. MISPLACED KEYS If you are concerned that you have misplaced the only key to your mailbox you will want to consider calling ReKey Xpress Locksmith.  We can to rekey the... View Article

Locksmith in Humble, Tx shares information with home and business owners concerning bump keys

February 27, 2017

Homeowners need to know that unless they have a semi-restricted, restricted, high security keyway or combination door lock,  their house key blank can be procured very easily at any hardware store.   Criminals who know how to exploit this knowledge can let themselves into your home anytime they want. Easy Access to Once Controlled Information Law Enforcement and homeowners insurance providers understand that today’s criminals have access to some of the locksmith community’s best techniques because of the dissemination of information online through sites like YouTube. This information reveals how they can get into your home without letting anyone know they have... View Article

The Woodlands, Tx locksmith looks at keypad and touchscreen locks

February 26, 2017

Are you considering the replacement of one or more of your traditional entry door locks for a combination door lock?  A keypad or touchscreen lock is a great option. Many small businesses and homes are already using these valuable tools for their security. The days of locking your keys in the house or forgetting to lock the door can be a thing of the past, thanks to the variety of affordable electronic door locks on the market. Once the domain of the wealthy for entry to their multimillion dollar estates, an electronic door lock can now grace your front door... View Article

Emergency Locksmith in Montgomery, Tx – ReKey Xpress Locksmith 832.727.9391

February 25, 2017

I’M LOOKING FOR A HOME LOCKSMITH NEAR ME Call ReKey Xpress Locksmith today for immediate assistance with a home or auto lock out situation. A licensed locksmith can arrive to help you right away. ReKey Xpress locksmith in Montgomery, Tx performs emergency locksmith services daily. Whether you have been locked out of your truck, car or house, you can count on us to dispatch a qualified technician right away.  After we have safely and professionally picked your door lock open for access, it may make sense to have the locks rekeyed while we are on site. ReKey Xpress locksmith is a... View Article

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