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ReKey Xpress Locksmith in Cypress Tx explains Masterkey systems

March 5, 2017

What is a master key system? Master key systems work like any regular keyed system, but master keying allows you to have different levels of access to each lock. KEY SYSTEM MECHANICS A master system modifies a standard pinning of the cylinder one step further and uses “master wafers” or “spacers” in each chamber.  These wafers create an additional shear line that allows the master key to turn in all of the locks.  This way, you can have different pinning combinations for different levels, but the extra shear line(s) can allow a number of different keys to work the lock.... View Article

Montgomery Tx locksmith recommends a proactive approach to rental property security

March 2, 2017

Residential rental property security is an area where many property managers and landlords are woefully lax. At best, they’ll keep up with their strictly defined obligations. More often, they let violations slip past without ever realizing the potential disaster lurking. Here are just three of the benefits of a proactive approach to security. Minimize liability The most straightforward benefit of a proactive approach to property security lies in the minimization of liability. If someone breaks into a tenant’s home and injures someone, damages property or steals something then the property owner could conceivably be held liable. This is true even... View Article

USPS Mailbox Key Replacement

March 1, 2017

MAILBOX LOCKS Many USPS customers have centrally located “cluster” mailboxes that all residents of their neighborhood, townhouse, apartment, or condominium use.  We get calls daily to replace or rekey these locks. If you’ve lost or misplaced one of your mailbox key copies and you are not concerned that someone else has your copy, you can ask the owner, manager, or superintendent of your apartment or home for a mailbox replacement. MISPLACED KEYS If you are concerned that you have misplaced the only key to your mailbox you will want to consider calling ReKey Xpress Locksmith.  We can to rekey the... View Article

Mobile locksmith in Montgomery, Tx talks rental property security

February 28, 2017

As the owner of ReKey Xpress locksmith, I perform many hundreds of lock changes in the field for landlords. I have some serious concerns relating to the unnecessary risks I see many property owners taking by not implementing or understanding requirements under the Texas Property Code.  I am speaking at present specifically about Sec. 92.156 for residential rental property in Texas. Landlords in Texas need to know that they can be legally responsible for injuries that occur on their property. For example, let’s say that someone steps in a post hole in the back yard of a residential rental property and injures... View Article

Locksmith in Humble, Tx shares information with home and business owners concerning bump keys

February 27, 2017

Homeowners need to know that unless they have a semi-restricted, restricted, high security keyway or combination door lock,  their house key blank can be procured very easily at any hardware store.   Criminals who know how to exploit this knowledge can let themselves into your home anytime they want. Easy Access to Once Controlled Information Law Enforcement and homeowners insurance providers understand that today’s criminals have access to some of the locksmith community’s best techniques because of the dissemination of information online through sites like YouTube. This information reveals how they can get into your home without letting anyone know they have... View Article

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