ReKey Xpress Locksmith has taken note of the ever-growing security risk of lock “bumping”. Criminals utilize lock “bumping” as a covert method of bypassing your lock without evidence of entry. We offer our customers a defense against this threat. Bump Kill! Upgrade your rekey service with proven Bump Kill technology.

Without getting too detailed about how this works, when a lock is “bumped”, force and tension are applied to a “bump key” along with some rudimentary manipulation to cause the plug to rotate, thus opening the lock. Our approach to defeating the bump key method prevents the transfer of force from the bump key to the pins inside the lock assembly. This prevents rotation of the lock cylinder. In short, your door remains locked.

Bump Kill technology is available for installation on most locks we service, but not all of them. Our method of rebuilding your lock to prevent bumping will not affect the smooth operation of your locking device. Ask your technician if Bump Kill can be added to your lock.