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Best locksmith techs in Montgomery County Tx

June 28, 2018

ReKey Xpress Locksmith is famous for presenting the best professional group of locksmiths. Our technicians are very well organized. Our clients deserve technically skilled, well prepared, trained and licensed security professionals. Our company makes sure that they are continuously armed with advice on the most recent developments and techniques in the locksmith industry. Our technicians are continuously using these new developments and techniques in their own day — to — day activities. Our techs have access to the best tools and methods for taking care of difficult car key problems that other businesses decline. Our team is highly dedicated to... View Article

Kwikset Smart Key Convenience

June 18, 2018

One of the best attributes about a Kwikset Smart Key Lock is the option for the consumer to very easily reset the key. This means that you have the opportunity to take any old unused kwikset key in the house and start utilizing it as the main key. It is also useful when you desire to render a key that is not in your possession useless in a matter of seconds all without having to change the entire lock. Either way, the feature is something very useful. ReKeying a smart key is a very easy project and is something that... View Article

When is a good time to rekey your locks?

June 15, 2018

Old worn locks are an easy target for criminals. If there is a burglary in your neighborhood take it as a warning signal and check your locks, it might be an ideal time to update and utilize an affordable smart security system that also includes anti bumping or key control technologies. You might decide to install a Tuff Strike for even more security.  Call a licensed locksmith in Conroe, TX for security recommendations. For most people, the first thing they do after a burglary is to rekey the locks and take possession of a new set of keys. Keep in... View Article

Honda Ignition Repair Locksmith

June 14, 2018

When your car key will not turn in the ignition, or if the steering wheel won’t unlock call ReKey Xpress Locksmith. We have been repairing and replacing locks and in the Montgomery County region since 2011. A tricky ignition situation usually happens, when a worn key or deteriorated ignition lock cylinder hangs up. We will quote you a flat rate price to visit your place, make a new factory spec car key, and fix the ignition lock if that’s necessary. At times it’s crucial to replace the ignition because of metal fatigue, or there has been attempted theft or tampering.... View Article

Montgomery, Tx Locksmith – Steps to Take When You Lose your House Keys

May 22, 2018

May 22, 2018 Owning your own home is a substantial investment. Protecting the physical security of that investment should be left to a professional Montgomery, Texas locksmith.  If you have a situation where you lose your keys, call a trusted licensed Montgomery, Tx locksmith. Below are four considerations you should think about when you lose your house keys. 1. Did I actually lose my keys? A homeowners choice to rekey their locks can be greatly affected by the way they lose their home keys. There’s always a shroud of doubt that surrounds lost things. For the most part, this uncertainty... View Article


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